Organization chart

Secretariat of State for Digital Progress (Deleted)

D. Francisco Polo

  • General Direction of telecommunications and information technologies

    D. Roberto Sánchez

    • General Office of management of telecommunications

      D. Lorenzo Avello López

    • General Office of Planning and management of the Radio Spectrum

      D. Antonio Fernández-Paniagua Díaz-Flores

    • General Office of Networks and telecommunications operators

      D. Pedro Luis Alonso Manjón

    • General Office of the user attention telecommunications

      D. Ramón Pérez de Vargas Sánchez de Castro

    • General Office of Telecommunications inspection

      D. Marta Serrano Clamagirand

  • General Office of Coordination and implementation of programmes

    D. Cristóbal Guzmán

  • General Office of Promotion of the information society

    D. Antonio Alcolea

  • General Office of Services of the information society

    D. Rafael Pérez Galindo

  • General Office of Contents of the information society

    Dª Cristina Morales

  • Chief of Staff

    D. Albert Medrán